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You want to race.


“racing is too expensive”

- not anymore

“life is too busy”

- then you’d never do anything

“I want my mommy”

- not here

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Open Source Autosport is a new way to race.

Racing available to everyone.


“Can I race with only a driver’s license?”

- Yes

“Do I have to work on the car?”

- No, but you’ll save some money if you contribute constructively.

“I’ve never raced before!”

- That doesn’t scare us, our goal is it get more people racing. Our in-car coaching, driver data reviews and radio communication will help keep you performing at your best.


Social Media



Know anyone else brave enough to live-stream their shop days? We didn’t think so.

I haven’t found another team who helps my driving improve as much as OSA
— Joe
IMSA professionalism at a fraction of the cost
— Overheard in our pits

Team Leads


Craig Derian

Owner, CO

After 13 years in motorsports and almost 7 years in automotive, Craig started the team with friends so he could race with friends, both new and old.


Joe Krzeminski


With an insatiable desire to race inexpensively, Joe leads the day-to-day while the team is temporarily strewn across the West coast.

We used to campaign a 914

Now we’re switching to a Boxster

Both powered by a VR6, but the Boxster can fit a turbo…